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Take This Feminist Quiz!

1. Who founded the first Rape Crisis Center, and where?

2. At what college campus did activists come up with the phrase Sexual Harassment, and hold the first public speakout ?

3. What were the names of the young Texas lawyers who took Roe v. Wade, the winning abortion case, to the Supreme Court?

4. The battered women's shelter idea originated in England. Do you know the name of the activist who invented it?

5. Our Bodies, Ourselves, the first book to challenge the medical establishment and deal with women's health and sexuality, began its life in 1970 as an offset "underground" publication. How did it become a commercial bestseller a few years later, and what are the names of the women who made it happen?

6. A local indigenous feminist press flourished in nearly every major city during the seventies. Do you know the names of any of the newspapers?

7. The "Lavender Menace" action at the Second Congress to Unite Women made the voices of lesbians public in the movement for the first time. Who organized the action, and what was the name of the position paper they wrote for the conference?

8. Who organized the National Black Feminist Organization, and what did the group accomplish?

9. In 1970 the women working at Newsweek filed a complaint with the EEOC. What were their grievances, and what happened at the magazine as a result of their action?

10. How did the term "bra burners" get coined?